🎶 Say it loud!…🎶 #worktunes (at MCG Architecture)

"I found…strength, courage and wisdom…it’s been inside of me all along…" 🎶🎶

Beautiful day for a run! ☀️ #nikeplus (at Cerritos Regional County Park)

And the injuries just keep coming. Good thing we don’t have any pesky playoff games to ruin our recovery time for next season. Silver lining? Lol…smh

#worktunes 🎶🎶


I love you H

Yep…I definitely get my eclectic taste in music from my dad. This is what he has us listening to right now and I know he only knows about 5 words in Spanish lol. (at I 15 North)

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


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A very picky Chinese farmer who had a bout of genius decided that pears were boring, tasty but very boring and uninteresting. As any modern day Picasso or brilliant person does he decide to go against his mother’s words and play with his food. Setting out to create a Buddha pear by encasing the young pears in molds while they’re still on the tree.As they grow they have no choice but to take the shape of the spiritual figure. Buddha pears are sold in China, but the farmer plans to spread the love worldwide.


My Africa is beautiful


Abigail Betz, F/W 2014

Mercedes Benz South Africa Fashion Week

Credits: SDR.

As an actor, you always dream of having material that showcases what you can do.